Good Faith Estimate

Good Faith Estimates are intended for uninsured/self-pay patients, but any patient of Nasson Health Care may request a Good-Faith Estimate for an upcoming scheduled visit. If an insured patient requests an estimate, we will provide one and the estimate will be on the gross charges billed to your insurance, not what the expected patient responsibility will be.

A Good Faith Estimate is based on our understanding of your needs at the time of your appointment. Our providers may recommend additional services that were not listed in your initial estimate and charges may vary from the estimate. Our Good Faith Estimate is not a contract and does not require you to receive services from Nasson Heath Care, but is a “good faith” effort to provide you with an estimate for services offered.

Note that requesting a Good Faith Estimate or disputing charges on the provided estimate does not impact the overall quality of care you receive at Nasson Health Care.

To request an estimate, contact our Patient Services Department during office hours:
(207) 490-6900 |